Berseker (Ursula) is one of Lords Mobile’s P2P heroes with good army attack boost coupled with great defense boost.

When enhance to legendary grade, Ursula commands a 25% army max HP, a 25% defense boost and a 20% attack boost. This buff will surely make your army more powerful than any other player in your kingdom.

Alias: Berserker
Name: Ursula
Type: Infantry
Attribute: Strength
Archetype: STR Hero

Berseker is also one of the best hero for colosseum lineups. A great dependable hero can help you maintain high ranking which translates to more free gems.

It’s defense boost is beneficial for traps because of its high impenetratble defense percentage.


I’ll make your blood run cold!” – Ursula

For a millennia, a primitive tribe of warriors has jealously guarded the Frozen Peaks, suffering none to pass.

In the blistering cold and sharp crags, there is no room for weakness and charity, and the sickly Ursula was not expected to survive past childhood.

But Ursula stubbornly kept going, year after year putting all of her time and effort into strengthening her body and sharpening her skills.

At her coming of age ceremony, she proved herself by being the first in two centuries to claim a bear for her kill.

The name of the Berserker is now feared in all the lands that fall under the shadow of the peaks.

How to Obtain

You can only obtain this hero by buying the Berserker package when it is offered at the game shop.

The starting package costs $4.99 which will give you 10 Berserker medals.

10 medals is enough to give you a starting hero grade (White).

Cost to max with $4.99 packs option: $165
Cost to max with one shot option: $775

*Click here to learn about the hero buying options.

Berseker Package Items

Here are the items that you will be getting with this hero package:

Items Quantity
Gems 800
Bonus Gems 1,200
Berseker 10
150,000 Food 5
50,000 Stone 5
50,000 Timber 5
50,000 Ore 5
15,000 Gold 5
Hell Drider Chest 20
Terror Chest 20
Blackwing Chest 20
Noceros Chest 20
[Uncommon] Hero Gift Pack 1

How to Upgrade Berserker

To upgrade this hero you need to buy more packages at the store. Every pack will give you 10 medals that you need to collect to meet the required amount for upgrading.

Refer to medal collection table below:

Medal Collection Table

White Green Blue Purple Gold
10 20 50 100 150

Battle Skills

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold
Primal Cry*
105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Battle Song
+1.25% +2.5% +5% +10% +25%
Impenetrable Defense
+1.25% +2.5% +5% +10% +25%
Army ATK Boost
+1% +2% +4% +8% +20%

*Deals 200% Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops when upgraded to Gold.

Hero Skills

Skill Description
Arctic Roar
The Berserker lets out a battle cry, motivating all her allies.

Increases STR of all allies by 120 when at maximum level.

Ursine Wrath
Throws her shield at a target, damaging nearby enemies in a small area. Increases Ursula’s MDEF for 8s.

When maxxed it deals 2,042 Physical DMG. Increase MDEF by 200.

Grizzly Smash
Throws a powerful punch, dealing damage to all enemies in a medium area and knocking them back.

Deals 1,998 Physical DMG when maxxed.

Glacial Geyser
Smashes the ground, causing icicles to burst forth. Deals mid range damage to all enemies in a line. Also inflicts Freeze for 2s.

At max level, Deals 1,941 Physical DMG. Frozen enemies can’t act. Frozen enemies suffer additional 1,190 when they thaw.

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