Best Construction Gear for Lords Mobile

Having the best construction gear in Lords Mobile will help you decrease the time required for finishing your building tasks.

When each gear is upgraded to gold, you should have a 167.5% construction speed boost just from the gear.

Here’s the recommended gear set for your building upgrades:

Accessory: Sentinel’s Circlet x 3 (25% x 3 = 75%)

Off-hand: Gryphon’s Talon (17.5%)

Main-hand: Terror Lash (10%)

Helmet: Noceros Mask (10%)

Armor: Lightning Guard (20%)

Legs: Gryphon Walkers (35%)

Total construction boost: 167.5%

How to Obtain

Sentinel’s Circlet – obtained from gathering RSS like woods, ore, and gold.

Gryphon’s Talon – obtained from hunting Gryphon monsters

Noceros Mask – obtained from hunting Noceros monsters

Lightning Guard – obtained from gathering RSS

Gryphon Walkers – obtained from hunting Gryphon monsters

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