What Is Craft Gear Quest in Lords Mobile and How to Do It?

Craft Gear is a very enticing quest in Lords Mobile because it offers a very high guild fest (GF) point. If you’re doing GF in the higher gauntlets (Expert and Master Gauntlets), I’m sure you want to take this task because you’ll be getting a whopping 255 points after completion.

craft gear quest

If this is your first time encountering this very rewarding GF quest, then you may be wondering whether you’ll take it or not. You could be in doubt since you don’t know exactly how to accomplish it.

As you can see from the above screenshot you need to complete the 192,000 point requirement.

I must warn you that this is not a cheap task. You can accomplish this as an F2P player but be sure to check needed requirements and prepare speedups and gems.

You need to spend at least 200,000 Gems if you don’t have gear crafting speed ups. Without speedups or the said amount of gems, you’ll find yourself trapped. As a result, you are forced to cancel the quest and fail miserably.

Quest Variations

The quest variations I’ve seen so far as of writing this post:

  • 255 GF points – complete 192,000 lunites to get 255 points in 4 days 6 hours
  • 204 GF points – complete 96,000 lunites to get 204 points

What to Check and Prepare

As mentioned above, this is not a cheap quest. It comes with a price so you need to check and ensure you’ve got the following:

  • Lunar Foundry Building
  • Lunar Foundry Research
  • Lunite
  • Crafting Speed Ups
  • 230,000+ Gems

Let me explain in brief each of the items in this list:

Lunar Foundry Building

Before deciding to take the craft gear quest be sure to check if you have already built a Lunar Foundry building on your turf. Without it, there’s no way you can complete this quest.

lunar foundry

The Lunar Foundry lets you craft Gear to upgrade top tier troops and affects Lunite production rate and storage. Lunite production stops when storage is full so make sure to upgrade to the highest level to get the most lunite.

Lunar Foundry Research

Make sure you have the lunar foundry research accomplished before taking the quest. This helps reduce the crafting time and reduce excessive use of speed ups and gems.

lunar reasearh tree


Lunite is an item that is required when crafting gears in the Lunar Foundry. Be sure you have enough Lunite in the storage before taking the quest.


Crafting Speed Ups

You need crafting speed ups to expedite the crafting process. You are only given more than a day to complete the quest.

Please take note that the time required for each crafting depends on your building level and gear research.

At a max building level (25) and Crafting Speed I at only 4/10, each crafting requires 4 days and 6 hours to complete. Each action only yields 5,000 points.

So let’s do quick math here:

Required gear quest points = 192,000 points

Per crafting yield = 5,000 points

With that, you need to perform each craft 38.4 times (192,000 / 5,000). It takes at least 152 days to complete the whole task (38.4 x 4 days).

As you can see, it’s a tedious task and requires 152 days’ worth of crafting speed ups. Regular speed ups cannot be used here so be sure to have everything ready.


Gems are needed if you run out of crafting speed ups or you don’t have any in the storage. It seems that there’s no option to buy speedups for crafting in the Guild Shop.

The number of total gems needed depends on your building level and research. In my case, I needed at least 230,000 gems to quickly finish the entire task.

speed up

At my level, each crafting requires 6,268 to quickly finish crafting so I needed to prepare 238,184 gems (38.4 x 6,268). I ran out of speed ups quickly (hence the “You don’t have this type of item.” notice on the above screenshot) and so I have to resort to using gems.

How to Do it

Now that you have every requirement ready, it’s time to do the action. For first-timers, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step 1: On your turf, tap the Lunar Foundry icon.

lunar foundry icon

Step 2: Tap on the icon of whatever available gear to be crafted.

luminous gear

Step 3: Move the slider to max level then tap the “Craft” button.

craft now

Just click “Use” button on the next prompt.

Step 4: Use speed ups or gems to quickly finish each crafting cycle.

finish crafting

Just in case you are wondering, tap on the speed up sign (>>) to bring out the above window.

speed sign

Step 5: Repeat the process until you complete the required points for the task.

task is done

That’s it. If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections feel free to comment below.

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