Lords Mobile Guild Fest: Encounter Labyrinth Guardians

“Encounter Labyrinth Guardians” is one of the high point quests during Lords Mobile Guild Fest.

Taking this task can boost your points tremendously giving you the chance to rank high and be no. 1 among all other players.

You also contribute high points to your guild which will help you get the most coveted rank – being the Rank 1 guild among all other competing guilds in the whole kingdom.

Aside from bragging rights, great rewards await those who achieve the highest points.

What it Means

The term alone could puzzle new players. I guess you may have found this post by searching Google. 🙂

Encountering the labyrinth guardian simply means hitting the monster using holy stars until the “boss” will appear.

The boss is actually the Gremming Gremlin monster with loads of gems in its back.

As a bonus, you’ll get some loads of gems once this monster shows up.

Aside from that, you will be rewarded with speed ups, resources and other items every time you hit the labyrinth monster.

Quest Variations

This quest comes in different variations, but when aiming for higher points the most desirable are:

  • 0/3 with 209 points – boss must appear 3x to complete the task and get 209 points
  • 0/2 with 168 points – boss must appear 2x to complete the task and get 168 points
  • 0/1 with 126 points – boss must appear 1x to complete the task and get 126 points

What to Prepare

Before taking an Encounter Labyrinth Guardians task, make sure you have loads of holy stars (HS) in your bag…

At least 20,000 HS.

And gems so you can buy additional holy stars whenever needed.

If you don’t have gems, you still have the option to buy holy stars from the in-game store.

There’s a $19.99 USD package, Star of Hope, at the store that contains 25 x 1,000 (25,000) holy stars plus bonus gems and monster chests.

There’s another $19.99 USD package, Reach for the Stars, at the store that contains 10 x 1,000 (10,000) holy stars plus bonus gems, monster chests and 10 “Wishing Star” chest.

The “Wishing Star” is a chest that contain sets of holy stars. Open each and you’ll get a random amount of hollies.

If you’re lucky enough you could get 30,000 holy stars.

If you run out of luck, you would get as low as 500 stars – without the holy…

Holy stars can be obtained for free during hell events and other promotional events by the game company.


Results or outcome may vary for each player.

Spending real money on this kind of games could be inevitable especially if you are on the point of getting addicted.

Keep in mind that this quest is more of a “roll of the dice” game – it is for lucky players (who know what they’re doing).

In short, it’s more of a lottery game.

So if you don’t want to waste money here, hide your wallet. Keep your credit card away from your side.

This article or blog is not responsible in the event you loss some cash.

You have the option to cancel the quest or simply let it fail.

Just be prepared to get ridiculed by your guildmates or get scolded by your leader for failing a quest attempt.

Also with game products like this, what you basically be buying here is a chance to get items (HS in this case) that are worth more than what you paid for.

However, the opposite could be depressing… because you could be obtaining items that have the least value and may not worth your money.

Labyrinth Experiment

For this month’s guild quest, I experimented on the labyrinth encounter.

First, I took the 0/3 with 209 points. I completed it using more than 20,000 holy stars!

I took another labyrinth challenge with 0/2 168 points and I completed it by spending around 14,000 holy shits.

I took 4 more 0/2 168 points labyrinth quests and this time I spent lesser HS (holy stars).

I forgot to fully document this experiment but as far as I can remember, I spent around 5-7K HS to finish each quest.

That’s when I get lucky.

When my timing is bad or I get impatient, I spent around 11-12K HS.

By the way, I’m on a normal labyrinth only. For elite accounts, the outcome may differ.

Winning Tips?

Your ultimate goal here is to simply complete the quest and submit it to your guild. That should only be your focus.

Winning thousands or even millions of gems is another story although that could be a probability. You’ll only be disappointed if you expect from this.

So how did I significantly reduce the amount of spent holy stars?

Firstly, don’t spend all your holy stars in one sitting.

Secondly, the key here is patience. Yeah, I know you’ve heard that a thousand times. Patience is the key…

So here’s my simple trick or rather here’s what I usually do:

1. Enter the labyrinth building.

2. Hit the monster 10-12 times (that’s 1000-1200 HS spent at 100/hit).

I call that 12 hits as “one round“.

It doesn’t matter whether the monster is a Frostwing or a Jade Wyrm or what not.

3. If boss (labyrinth guardian) don’t appear after one round, exit the labyrinth.

Wait for at least one hour.

For me, since I have my own work to do, I come back after several hours.

4. Reenter the labyrinth and hit the monster 12 times again.

You may add more hits if you want to. But don’t go beyond 3000 HS.

5. If still boss don’t rear its ugly head, exit again.

Come back after an hour or two and repeat the process until the boss appears.

As per my experience, the boss appears every 2-3 rounds. If I get lucky, it comes on the first round.

At times when boss is busy somewhere down the hell (and don’t want to see you), a “divine blessing” will bestowed upon you and you’ll be awarded free use.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I got 15 combos (15 Free Use). One time I even got 21 combos.

I gained some confidence using this trick so I took a 0/3 laby challenge on the last day of the guild fest.

Now I can say that this quest is far more easier than doing hell event quests.

It’s more relaxing because you don’t have to worry whether your intended hell event source will come out the next hour or not.

So that’s just it!

It’s a simple strategy to somehow lessen the amount of holy shits you spend whenever you try to get the boss to come out when taking the labyrinth encounter quest.

There’s no guarantee this simple strategy will work for you. Keep in mind that this is a “roll of the dice” game.

Share Us Your Tips

Mind to share us your winning secret for this quest?

Do you have valuable tips on how to complete this task effectively?

Please share using comment form below.

If you have a longer article/comment please email me using this contact form. I’ll publish your tips/comments as a post and will mention and give credit to your as the author.

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