Lords Mobile Guild Fest: Complete Phase 3 (Hell Events)

Trying to complete a single Hell event in Lords Mobile is an utmost challenge specially if you are an F2P player with no budget to instantly buy resources such as speed ups whenever needed.

If you don’t plan your moves and don’t calculate how far your saved speed ups can bring you, you’ll most likely find yourself abandoning a quest even if it’s 99% done.

So if completing a single hell event is hellish, trying to finish not just 3 but 10 hell events in a short time is more than 10x the hell.

One wrong move could wipe out your speed ups and resources that you have been saving religiously for the past months.

On the other hand, you could be forced to bring out your credit card just to save the quest from failing.

What it Means

For new guild fest players, Complete Phase 3 simply means you must finish one quest up to stage 3 to be counted as one point.

If it is 0/3, you must complete 3 Hell events. If it is 0/5, finish 5 hells, if it’s 0/10 do 10 hells and so on and so forth.

Quest Variations

Here are the quest variations I’ve seen so far:

  • 0/10 with 285 points – complete 10 hell events to get 285 points in 2 days 12 hours
  • 0/8 with 352 points – complete 8 hell events to get 352 points in 16 hours
  • 0/7 with 213 points – complete 6 hell events to get 213 points in 2 days 12 hours
  • 0/6 with 189 points – complete 6 hell events to get 189 points in 2 days
  • 0/5 with 242 points – complete 5 hell events to get 242 points in 10 hours
  • 0/4 with 141 points – complete 4 hell events to get 141 points in 2 days
  • 0/3 with 169 points – complete 3 hell events to get 169 points in 9 hours
  • 0/3 with 118 points – complete 3 hell events to get 118 points 1 day 12 hours
  • 0/1 with 105 points – complete 1 hell events to get 105 points in 1 day

What to Prepare

Before taking this hellish quest, make sure you have enough speed ups and resources.

For first timers, when I say resources (rss) this includes food/rice, ore, timber, stone and anima.

Speed ups are items with 5m, 10m, 30m, 60m, 3h, 24h time indicators. These are used when you want to reduce the time taken when doing a project in queu.

Be sure to check your speed ups for research, building, troop training, and merging if it will be enough for your intended purpose.

Do some calculation.

Point Sources

Solo and Hell events require you to complete a set point to claim rewards. Both events have three phases/stages.

Random point sources are presented on the event board and its up to you to decide on what source to pursue.

As of this writing, the point sources are:

  • research
  • building
  • train soldiers
  • merge pacts
  • monster hunting

Research Source

Do research as a source of event points. This is the most favorable to spend your speed ups.

There’s a dedicated “Speed Up Research” item for this. You can’t use this on other sources like building or troop training. You can use general speed up here.

A 500k-600K points research hell event requires around 18day to 25day worth of speed ups. A 900K point research event requires 35K to 37K speed ups.

The above mentioned figures are rough estimates only basing on my experience. If time permits, I’ll do a thorough recording next time and update these figures.

Building Source

Do building as a source of event points. Building only source is more costly than research especially for Castle 25. So weighed your priorities first before taking this quest.

There’s no “Speed Up Building” item for this project but you can use the general speed ups.

Train Soldiers Source

Troop training is also good for spending your speed ups. A 300K points troop training event could cost you around 10 days worth of speed ups.

A dedicated “Speed Up Training” item for this one but you can use general speed up as well.

Merge Pacts Source

Merge pacts as source of point. This is usually combined with oterh point sources.

You must have “Speed Up Merging” items as you cannot use the general speed up item here.

Monster Hunting Source

Hit and kill monsters as a source of event points.

You should also have enough energy for monster hunting. A monster hunting hell event will come around. This one is easier to do.

For a monster hunting event that requires 14,300 point, you should have at least 250,000 energy reserve.

For the 17,800 point (with 1 Watcher Medal), you should at least 320,000 energy in your bag.

Don’t forget to put on your Monster hunting gear when doing this event.

Source Combinations

Most of the times, the above mentioned source points are combined. You may choose to either do all source or concentrate in doing one source only.

Done Quests

10 hellish events for 285 points only… Seriously?

It seems that the reward points are not worth the effort and resources spent.

It’s too late when I realized that.

I tapped the “Start” button on impulse when I took this crazy guild fest quest.

It was a suicide. My resources and speed ups are not even enough.

I almost quit halfway but then I ended topping up over $50 just to make my myself and my guild happy…

Do Only What You Can

The next time your guild leader nags you to join guild fests, do only what you can without being compelled to spend money.

Take quests that you know you can complete like gathering resources or just clicking the help button to get points.

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