What Happens If Your Leader Gets Captured in Lords Mobile?

In Lords Mobile, losing your leader and being imprisoned for a couple of days can be a big deal especially if you are an active player.

To some, losing your leader isn’t such a big deal. For others, it could be depressing and embarrassing especially if guildmates make a joke out of your misery.

For active players, it could be a waste of time because you do not get the benefit of your talents such as construction and research speed boosts. More especially if there’s KvK (Kingdom versus Kingdom) or guild fest going on.

Watch short video clip below to see how easy it is to bring to life your dead hero.

What if Your Leader Is Imprisoned?

Well, don’t be sad. Don’t be mad.

The good news is that your leader will not be lost forever. Your enemy may hold it for up to 3 days… but after that you can have it back.

In many cases, it maybe released after a few hours specially if you email your captor and can negotiate nicely .

But how about if they got my gold hero? Will I lose its badge?

No. You will not loss your hero’s badge.

If it’s a gold hero, you can have it back as a gold hero – it will not be demoted back to white.

For Castle 16 and below players, don’t worry, your leader will escape and return to your turf on its own after some designated hours. Just make sure to use a shield because it can be captured again when someone attacks while you are away.

But what if they execute your leader?

executed leader

Well, just accept it. It’s a part of the game. One day you’ll be executing an enemy leader too.

How to Revive an Excecuted Leader

If your enemy decides to execute your leader, all you have to do is:

1. Purchase a revival fruit from the guild shop.

purchase revival fruit from gem mall

If you don’t have guild coins you can purchase it directly with 1000 gems by clicking the “Instant Revive” button.

purchase revival fruit with 1000 gems

2. Use that to revive your leader and everything will be back to normal.

use revival fruit

What Exactly Happens When Your Hero is Captured and Executed?

  1. You will lose that hero’s boost while in prison.
  2. You will temporarily lose the benefits/boosts of your talents.
  3. You can’t use the hero in monster hunting and resource gathering. You can still gather resources as long as there are troops available.
  4. The gear, equipment or jewels connected to the hero won’t be lost but you lose any bonuses you get from it while your leader is imprisoned.

What to Do if Your Leader is Captured?

  1. Just wait for it. Sometimes its better to just wait for the execution time and revive your leader than throwing tantrums or giving in to your bully’s demands.
  2. Message your captor and negotiate if possible. Ask him/her nicely. If you’re a good communicator and have the skill to sway people’s emotions to your favor, then you may have a chance to convince your enemy to release your leader.
  3. Offer a bounty. This may encourage other big players to attack your bully. When the captor is attacked and defeated, your hero will march back to your turf.
  4. Ask help from your guild. You may ask an available and capable guildmate to do a rally attack.
  5. Ask help from a higher might and experienced player.
  6. Continue using a shield if possible. This is to protect your resources. Resource production will still continue and may attract other attackers if they happen to scout you and saw that you have considerable amount of resources to be looted.

Mind to share Lord Mobile tips? I may have missed important strategies in this article.

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