Buying Active Lords Mobile Accounts for Sale

Are you planning to buy Lords Mobile account? Do you want to skip those long and tedious tasks required to reach the castle level you want?

Perhaps you just wanted to take the short cut and just want to own a Castle 25 turf in no time. Isn’t it rewarding and fulfilling when you suddenly get to the level where you want it to be?

Playing an account with decent might and war gears may also help you earn the admiration of your guildmates.

Before everything else, let me remind you that buying and selling of accounts (not only in Lords Mobile but also in most online games) is frowned upon by the game company or game developers.

But just like in the business world, there’s always a marketplace for anything online.

In fact, you’ll actually find lots of people selling Lords Mobile accounts on Facebook groups, online forums, and even in many Lords Mobile guilds.

Benefits of Purchasing Existing Accounts

When buying Lords mobile accounts, you get an instant account complete with enhancements and upgraded game features like full-level construction and research, gold heroes, and if you’re lucky mythic war gears.

You will save time and resources as compared with starting everything from scratch. Heck, you can start waging battles in no time.

If you have an existing account, you can use it as an alternative account (Alt Account).

Why do you need an alternative account?

Let’s just say, you want to start an alternative account for farming purposes. Or you want an account with a decent might that you can use to join an enemy guild and spy on them.

Or let’s say you want to know the exact troop composition of an enemy turf whose anti-scout is on but you don’t want to risk your main attacking account. Someone in your guild must attack first so you can know the composition on the battle report. The problem is none of your guildmates is willing to do that.

Here’s where you need a suicide attacker account.

You can also use an alt account to scout enemy turfs. You can even use it as a source of troop reinforcement for your main account when needed.

For such purposes, you may need a Castle 17 right away.

If you want to start a new account from scratch, it will take you a long time. Typically, it will take you a month or more (with minimal spending) to reach said castle level.

If you are going to spend more cash just to expedite the process, you may need to spend more or less $100 to rush to castle 17.

It’s time-consuming and expensive, isn’t it?

Now, this is where you might want to consider buying an existing Lords Mobile account at possibly much cheaper price.

Where to Find Lords Mobile Accounts for Sale

Facebook Groups

The first place you might want to search for people selling their game account is on Facebook groups.

But beware. Be warned.

There lots of scammers out there. Some are serial scammers like a guy named “Xiurium Uchiwa“.

Another serial scammer is a young man using the FB name “Andrew Gonzalez“. I will be writing a post detailing these scammers’ schemes if the demand arises.

In a nutshell, directly buying Lords mobile accounts from such places is very risky. You are prone to lose money.

Truth to be told, I have had some stupid experiences during my early days of playing this game. I’ve been scammed three times in a row on two FB groups.

Online Forums

You can also find people selling game accounts on related online discussion sites like forums.

Aside from the game’s official forum at, you can find people offering game accounts for sale on online forums like and

I haven’t tried such places but you may go ahead and investigate it if you want.

Online Auction Sites

Auction sites can be the safest place to purchase game accounts because it acts as a third party between the seller and the buyer.

These sites will have to make sure the buyer has deposited the actual money before delivering the game account’s login info and other important details.

On the other hand, the site will not immediately release the money to the seller. They will have to wait for the buyer to confirm that the game’s login username and password are really working.

The buyer may also report issues such as product descriptions not being accurate and may get some discount or a full refund.

What are these auction sites?

There are lots of auction sites out there but I will only mention two of the safest.

Well, the first site is eBay. eBay is a popular and most trusted auction site where you can buy and sell almost everything from physical products to digital products. I have not tried this site actually but if you have an account there then feel free to try.

The second site is – one of the biggest and perhaps the oldest game auctions online. It is actually a marketplace for buying, selling, and trading online gaming products.

Playerauctions is by far the best online gaming marketplace I have ever tried.


Purchasing a Lords mobile account for your gaming pleasure can be the best short cut to owning a high-level turf. You will actually save tremendous time and money as compared to starting everything from scratch.

However, here’s one caveat: game owners/developers may not allow this practice.

Also, buying game accounts online is very risky because just like in many other online trades there are lots of scammers and con artists waiting to take your money in exchange for nothing.

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