Level 57, 19M, Castle 21, VIP 10, 700K+ Troops – Perfect Trap Starter

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Update May 23, 2019: This account is now 24M, C24 with 892, 812 total troops.

This is your opportunity to own a Lords Mobile trap account without having to start from the beginning! You know that starting an LM account right from the start is time-consuming and energy draining.

If you are a smart player, this is perfect for starting a trap account. I already laid the basic foundation for starting a great trap account. All you have to do is continue training more troops.

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Level 57
Might 19M
Castle 21
VIP 10
Gems 9K
Device Android
Login Gmail
Migration Scroll 1
Treasure Trove Payout 18,962 Gems


Blue Rose Knight, Tracker, Trickster, Prima Donna, Scarlet Bolt, Bombin’ Goblin
Green Demon Slayer, Black Crow, Death Knight, Incinerator, Snow Queen, Sage of Storms, Soul Forger, Oath Keeper
White Watcher, Death Archer, Sea Squire, Night Raven, Shade, Child of Light, Elementalist

Premium Heroes

White Petite Devil, Mastercook

Total Troops = 700K+

T1 Grunt = 15.8K, Archer = 111K, Cataphract = 15.5K, Ballista = 295
T2 Gladiator = 101K, Sharpshooter = 89.9K, Reptilian Rider = 81.7K, Catapult = 5.7K
T3 Royal Guard = 90.4K, Stealth Sniper = 100K, Royal Cavalry = 90.1K

Today, you can own an instant account and start waging wars in just a few minutes. No more waiting for so long. No more spending hundreds of dollars on speed ups and resources.

Hundreds of Unused Chests in the Bag!

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For a 3-month worth of sweat, hard work and $100+ total in-game expenses, you can now own this account for only:

Own this Lords Mobile account for only $57!

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How to Buy

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