Level 57, 21M, Castle 23, VIP 10, 600K+ Troops, Hyper Lumber with Lore Weaver

main dashboard

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Update May 23, 2019: This account is now 25M, C24 with 746, 138 total troops.

This is your chance to own a Lords Mobile account without having to start from scratch! Save time, money and resources.

This account has the following premium heroes:

This account is set for starting a trap account. The basic foundation is already laid out so all you have to do is continue training more troops and upgrading the main trap heroes (Bombin’ Goblin, Snow Queen).

Extra buildings are on hyper wood (lumber) which can give you extra woods. You may demolish it later (to reduce might) when you are ready to use it as a trap.

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Level 57
Might 21M
Castle 23
VIP 10
Gems 16K
Device Android
Login Gmail
Migration Scroll 1
Treasure Trove Payout 19,500 Gems


Blue Tracker, Demon Slayer, Black Crow, Trickster, Prima Donna, Scarlet Bolt, Bombin’ Goblin
Green Dark Knight, Incinerator, Snow Queen, Sage of Storms, Oath Keeper, Sea Squire, Soul Forger
White Rose Knight, Death Archer, Night Raven, Shade, Child of Light, Elementalist

Premium Heroes

White Lore Weaver, Dark Follower, Mastercook

Total Troops = 600K+

T1 Grunt = 5.1K, Archer = 110K, Cataphract = 27.2K, Ballista = 1,500
T2 Gladiator = 42.7K, Sharpshooter = 27.2K, Reptilian Rider = 22.3K, Catapult = 4.4K
T3 Royal Guard = 122K, Stealth Sniper = 120K, Royal Cavalry = 120K

$100+ Worth of Chests in the Bag!

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For a 3-months worth of hard work and $100+ total in-game expenses, you can now own this account for only:


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How to Buy

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