Lords Mobile Store and Payment Method Options

Are you new to the game and wondering where’s the Lords Mobile Store?

Find the Plus icon located beside the player icon or the store link located just below the chat board.

Tap the Plus icon or the store link to go to the store. Scroll down to browse different packages being offered.

Keep in mind that the packs keep rotating (every 2-3 days). They all aren’t available at the same time!

Payment Method

The default payment method is Google Play, Paypal, and Credit Card.

If you are looking for other payment methods that are suitable to your country, then click here to download the “official Lords Mobile Third-Party Payment .apk

This payment apk is what I currently use so you maybe seeing a different store interface on my above screenshots.

Buying Lords Mobile Heroes

When buying Lords mobile heroes, you have two options:

  • Buy $4.99 packs so to save money. The disadvantage here is you need to wait every 3 weeks for the same package to come up. This route may take you up to year to max it to gold grade.
  • Buy packs in one shot so to save time. You’ll get an instant Gold grade hero but you need to larger budget which starts from $500-$11,000!

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