Best Monster Hunting Gear in Lords Mobile

Picking the right gear for your monster hunting can help you kill more monsters efficiently and get more loots.

Here’s are the recommended gear set for your hunting pleasure:

Accessory: Hunting Horn
Off-hand: Hunting Mace
Main-hand: Earthshatter
Helmet: Hunting Helm
Armor: Hunting Plate
Legs: Hunting Greaves

How to Obtain

You may get the materials needed to forge hunting gear while gathering on the kingdom map completing quests (turf, admin, guild, VIP) or participating in events.

You can also purchase special bundles from the game store. The package is called “Monsterbane“.

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1 thought on “Best Monster Hunting Gear in Lords Mobile”

  1. Wow.. best recommendation ever..
    Btw it have only this one set for monster hunting. Also, materials can be obtained in some special events but not in your regular solo and hell event. You mostly need to buy it or it’ll take forever.. moreover it depends on your luck because slayer chest is random..


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