Night Raven

Night Raven (Icarus), a winged man-like flying mammal with bat-like features, is a cavalry type Lords Mobile Hero. He works best by guarding your castle.

Icarus is also good lineup member for Colosseum fights. Thanks to his awesome physical as well as magical skills.

Alias: Night Raven
Name: Icarus
Type: Cavalry
Attribute: Dexterity
Archetype: AGI Hero

When upgraded to gold level, Night Raven will improve your cavalry defense by an impressive 50% boost.

Your invaders won’t easily overcome your cavalry defense.

Should you decide to counter attack, Icarus’ will boost your cavalry’s attack by 30%.

Didn’t I tell you he’s a good castle guard?

Well, he can boost your castle wall’s strenght by 60%.

If you already own this hero, it’s time to enhance him to gold grade.


Why do we exist?”” – Icarus

Ravens are a rare species scattered across the world.

Icarus is a Raven who yearns to meet his own kind.

But when this desire nearly destroyed his friend Coral, he lost himself to despair and guilt.

Ever since, he soars above the world in search of a way to redeem himself.

How to Get Night Raven

You can hire this hero after you get 10 medals of him by beating 1-18 on normal here stages. Continue collecting medals if you want to upgrade him into legendary grade.

Night Raven medals can be collected from Hero Stages:

  • Elite 1-15 – “Mythical Beast
  • Elite 4-12 – “Aerial Advantage
  • Elite 7-15 – “Safe Haven

How to Upgrade

You need to collect 20 medals to make it green, 50 to blue, 100 to purple, and 150 to gold. That’s a total of 320 medals to upgrade this hero from White to Gold grade.

Refer to medal collection table below:

Medal Collection

White Green Blue Purple Gold
10 20 50 100 150

Battle Skills

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold
Silver Thrust*
105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Castle Guard
+3% +6% +12% +24% +60%
Cavalry DEF Boost
+2.5% +5% +10% +20% +50%
Cavalry ATK Boost
+1.5% +3% +6% +12% +30%

*Deals X Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops.

Example: When hero is at Gold grade, it deals 200% Squad ATK.

Hero Skills

Skill Description
Wind Groove
The swift Night Raven leads the way, increasing DEX of all Heroes.
Increases all allies’ DEX by XXX*
Owl’s Charge
Calls upon an owl to attack the enemy, dealing damage and inflicting Stun for 3s.
Deals XXX Magic DMG.
Wing Blades
Shoots bladed feathers at the enemy in a large area, dealing damage 3 times each.
Deals XXX Physical DMG per hit.
Shooting Stars
Calls down a wave of stars onto the battlefield, dealing damage to all enemies.
Deals XXX Magic DMG.

*XXX – a numerical value that is determined by your hero level, grade and trophies.

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