Best Research Gear in Lords Mobile

Research gear in Lords Mobile is a very important asset as it will tremendously reduce the time required for doing research tasks.

Without it, it will take ages to get T4 troops.

Here’s are the recommended gear set for your research tasks:

Accessory: Lunar Flute x 3 (26% x 3 = 78%)

Off-hand: Vice Grips (5%)

Main-hand: Electric Lance (10%)

Helmet: Wyrmbone Coronet (10%)

Armor: Terror Shield (8%)

Altenative for armor: Cavalry Mail (7%)

Legs: Gryphon Walkers (17.5%)

Total research boost: 128.5%

How to Get

Lunar Flute – obtained from gathering RSS like woods, ore, and gold.

Vice Grips – obtained from hunting Gryphon monsters

Electric Lance – obtained from hunting Noceros monsters

Wyrmbone Coronet – obtained from gathering RSS

Terror Shield – obtained from gathering RSS

Gryphon Walkers – obtained from hunting Gryphon monsters

These materials can also be obtained from quests, events, and resource gathering.

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