Rose Knight

Rose Knight (Joan), a lady-in-pink with pink armor, pink shield, and pink helmet, is undoubtedly the most popular and favorite Lords Mobile hero because of her unmatched skills that is not found in any other heroes.

The formidable Joan can stun, heal, protect allies and provide army attack boost – all at the same time.

Alias: Rose Knight
Name: Joan
Type: Cavalry
Attribute: Strenght
Archetype: STR Hero

Enhance Joan to gold grade and you’ll get an improved cavalry HP by a whooping 50%.

Joan will also boost your overall army attack capability by 20%.

Aside from those battle skills, Rose Knight will automatically increase your timber production by 150%.

Rose Knight is a must have hero specially if you want to win Colosseum fights and get past hero stages.

It’s hard to win colo fights and clear hero stages without her.

She’s an important asset both for P2P and F2P players.


War will doom us all” – Joan

Joan’s mother died when she was little and her father is always busy with war affairs.

So she dreams of becoming a knight to stay by her father’s side.

While sneaking out to the forest one day, she met Sparky and Felicia.

Together, they saved the forest from an ordeal. Thus, the Pixie queen knighted Joan, bestowing her a sword and shield.

The rose symbol on the shield signifies her love for peace.

How to Get Rose Knight

You’ll get 10 Medals for Rose Knight as a bonus when you make your first purchase (any item at any price) from the LM store.

10 Medals is enough to hire Rose Knight (White Grade). Having this hero early in the game can help you win the hero stages easily, rise up the colosseum ranks quickly, and win more battles.

If you don’t get the first purchase bonus offer, you need to collect 10 medals to hire this hero.

Rose Knight medals can be collected from Hero Stages:

  • Elite 6-12 – “The Power of Belief
  • Elite 8-9 – “Trial of the Rose

How to Upgrade Rose Knight

You need to collect 20 medals to make it green, 50 to blue, 100 to purple, and 150 to gold. That’s a total of 320 medals to upgrade this hero from White to Gold grade.

Refer to medal collection table below:

Medal Collection

White Green Blue Purple Gold
10 20 50 100 150

Battle Skills

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold
Paladin’s Glory*
105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Timber Supply
+7.5% +15% +30% +60% +150%
Cavalry HP Boost
+2.5% +5% +10% +20% +50%
Army ATK Boost
+1% +2% +4% +8% +20%

*Deals X Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops.

Example: When hero is at Gold grade, it deals 200% Squad ATK.

Hero Skills

Skill Description
The blessing of the Pixie queen increases the Rose Knight’s MDEF.
Increases MDEF by XXX*
Justice Call
Casts a spell of protection on all allies, absorbing damage taken for 8s. Can only be used at the start of battle.
Absorbs up to XXX DMG.
Casts magic to heal an ally with the lowest HP and reduce damage taken for 5s.
Restores XXX HP of Allies. Also, at max level, it reduces damage taken by 30%.
Shield Throw
Hurls a pink shield at the target, dealing damage and inflicting Stun for 1s. The shield bounces 6 times among enemies.
Deals XXX magic DMG.

*XXX – a numerical value that is determined by your hero level, grade and trophies.

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