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Ever wanted to own a Lords Mobile account without having to start from scratch? You know that starting an LM account right from the beginning is time-consuming and energy draining.

But today, you can own an instant account and start waging wars in just a few hours. No more waiting for so long. No more spending hundreds of dollars on speed ups and resources.


  • You get the full account in less than 24 hours.
  • All the hard work of starting an account is already done for you. The foundation is already laid so no need to start from scratch.
  • The boring first parts of the hero stages are already done for you. Most accounts are at stage 6 already.
  • Pre loved accounts usually have unused chests, speed ups, and other gifts which are worth hundred dollars.


For smart players, here’s a few list of what you can do with this accounts:

  • Use for RSS gathering
  • Use it to scout enemy turfs stealthily
  • Send it to enemy guild as spy
  • Use it as meat shields reducing your enemies troops and firepower

NOTE: This is no longer offered.