How to Beat Skirmish 7 Fiery Clash in Lords Mobile

Clearing Skirmish 7 in Lords Mobile should be easy even without T3 troops. You just need at least 30K T2 troops.

You have to win this battle in order to open the Lava Plateu. This is really important if you want to bring your game to the next level.

Opening this part of your turf brings out more spaces for manors, barracks, and infirmaries which are necessary buildings when you want to add more troops.

Watch video below:

Battle Info


Might is 329,400

Heroes Deployed

Incinerator (Monica), Shade (Blink), Death Archer (Cathiss), and Night Raven (Icarus)


Boosts: 1. This increases Army DEF (defense)

Castle Wall

Wall HP: 10,125/10,125

Traps: 6,750

Fortified Tower: 750
Flame Boulders: 6000

Enemy Army

Army Size: 12,600 which consists of:

Royal Guard: 5,250
Stealth Sniper: 5,250
Royal Cavalry: 1,500
Fire Trebuchet: 600

How Many Troops You Need

The battle tip says, Beware of “Monica’s” flame boulders! Use “Cavalry” with “Ranged” or “Siege Engine” options.

As initially mentioned, you may need at least 30,000 Tier 2 troops to win this skirmish. But if you have more than that amount you may just deploy it all for a sure win.

Just make sure you have enough infirmary beds to accommodate wounded soldiers and avoid dead or lost troops. You will be needing some resources for the healing.

Battle Quick Guide

Here’s a quick guide based on how I did it.

1. First take a look at what’s inside by scouting the enemy fort. The scout report is already listed above this article.

2. Check Barracks if there are enough troops.

As you can see, I have troops too strong for the enemy.

4. Check the Infirmary if you have enough rooms for would-be wounded soldiers. Your Infirmary capacity should be equal to or greater than the total number of your troops.

As you can see, I have 64,240 total troops and my infirmary can accommodate up to 80,500 wounded soldiers. So no worries about losing troops.

5. If you have a lesser number of troops, you may buff up your attack by using an “Army ATK Boost“.

6. If you are confident with your troop’s number, you may proceed with the attack. Just click the “Attack” button.

7. Enter phase 1 of the skirmish.

You can go with the default selection or choose desired number and type of troops to deploy.

For the purpose of this guide, I’ll limit my troops numbers to prove that you can win this skirmish with at least 30K T2 troops.

For this, I used 4K T2 Infantry, 10.5K Ranged, 10.5K Cavalry, and 5K siege engines.

8. Select Heroes to deploy.

Here’s what I used. If you don’t have Rose Knight, you may use Child of Light.

9. Click “Confirm“. Watch and enjoy your battle.

First phase victory.

10. Proceed with the second phase.

You should easily beat it because troops are greatly reduced. The walls have fallen down.

Second phase victory.

11. Finish the third and last phase of this battle.

Third phase victory.

12. Don’t forget to heal your wounded soldiers at the Infirmary.

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