How to Beat Skirmish 8 Sacred War in Lords Mobile

Are you in a hurry to unlock skirmish 8 in Lords Mobile?

Do you want to open it as early as possible but are afraid you might lose because of the Tier 3 and Tier 4 troops inside?

You realize you need to clear this part (Sacred Soil) of your turf.

You may have read somewhere or learned from your friend or guildmate that you need this space for building important admin and familiar buildings like prison, altar, spring, mystic spire and gym.

Unlocking Skirmish 8 in Lords Mobile is not really that hard even though there are epic heroes inside it.

You just need to train a good number of troops at around 65-70K of mixed tier 2 (T2) and tier 1 (T1) troops.

The enemy has mostly T4 and T3 troops. But don’t be afraid. You can easily defeat it with bigger numbers.

Battle Info

The turf has a might of 650,700.


The heroes deployed are Death Knight, Oath Keeper, Sage or Storms, Snow Queen, and the formidable Rose Knight. They are all epic heroes but that should not intimidate you.


How Many Troops You Need to Clear Skirmish 8

All you need is just at least 50K T2 troops.

Yes. That’s it.

If you’re in a hurry to advance in this game, you need at least 50,000 T2 troops to capture the sacred soil at the soonest time possible.

Skirmish 8 Battle Video

Watch demo video below to see how I’ve done it:

As you have seen from the demo video, you may get defeated on the first battle phase with 50K troops.

So if you want to ensure a one-shot win, you may have to train more soldiers until you have at leat 60,000 T2 troops. 70K if mixed with Tier 1 soldiers.

NOTE: The Lord’s Mobile account I used for the video demo has over 90K T1 and T2 troops. In the video, I have to limit the number to 50K T2 just to show you that it’s possible to finish this skirmish with that number.

You don’t need to do that on your actual account.

If you have 90K troops, you may deploy all of it and you can easily overrun each battle phase with ease.

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