Songstress of The Sea

Songstress (Coral), a harp weilding mermaid, is one of Lords Mobile’s top tier army hero with superb battle skills.

She’s a good hire if you are always at war and in need of a good boost that will give your better edge over other players.

Alias: Songstress of The Sea
Name: Coral
Type: Ranged
Attribute: Intelligence
Archetype: INT Hero

Although Coral has no useful administration skills, she’s great for attacking enemy turfs.

She has an army attack boost of 20%.

She has good defense boost as well.

Coral can defend your turf very well with her 25% impenetrable defense boost.

Your enemies will think not just twice but thrice before attacking you again.


Home feels so far away…” – Coral

Hoping Coral could join him on his adventures, Icarus offered her a potion that would turn her human.

But she was hesitant to accept it. In her dilemma, the pirates captured and brought her to land.

To stay alive, she drank Icarus’ potion and thus lost her ability to live underwater.

Since she never stops dreaming of the day when she can return home again.

How to Obtain

To obtain this hero, you need to purchase the “The Songstress of The Sea” package when it is offered at the game store.

The starting package costs $4.99 which will give you 15 medals.

10 medals is enough to give you a starting hero grade (White). The remaining 5 will be added to your next package purchase.

Cost to max with $4.99 packs option: $110
Cost to max with one shot option: $1,275

*Click here to learn about the hero buying options.

Songstress of The Sea Package Items

Here are the items that you will be getting with this hero package:

Items Quantity
Gems 800
Bonus Gems 1,200
Songstress of The Sea 15
150,000 Food 5
50,000 Stones 5
50,000 Timber 5
50,000 Ore 5
15,000 Gold 5
Snow Beast Chest 20
Maggot Chest 20
Wyrm Reaper Chest 20
Gryphon Chest 20
[Uncommon] Hero Gift Pack 1

How to Upgrade

To upgrade this hero you need to buy more packages at the store. Every pack will give you 15 medals that you need to collect to meet the required amount for upgrading.

Refer to medal collection table below:

Medal Collection Table

White Green Blue Purple Gold
10 20 50 100 150

Battle Skills

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold
Colossal Tide*
105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Battle Song
+1.25% +2.5% +5% +10% +25%
Impenetrable Defense
+1.25% +2.5% +5% +10% +25%
Army ATK Boost
+1% +2% +4% +8% +20%

*Deals 200% Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops when upgraded to Gold.

Hero Skills

Skill Description

Coral emits an ultrasound to pinpoint all enemies’ position, boosting her Accuracy.

At max level, increase Accuracy by 150.


Bathes in the soft moonlight, restoring HP and increasing MATK for 8s.

Resotores 4,041 HP if maxxed. Also increases MATK by 600.


Emits a long range deafening cry, dealing damage to all enemies in a line and reducing Reflex for 5s.

When maxxed, deals 4,328 Magic DMG. Also, reduces enemy reflex by 128.

Grand Waves

Summons powerful waves from long range, dealing MDMG 4 times each to enemies in a line.

At maximum level, deals 1,451 Magic DMG.

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