Trickster (Tattler), a small one-eyed old elf, is one of the most popular Lords Mobile heroes because of his indespensable research boost, Colosseum skills, and monster hunting buff.

Alias: Trickster
Name: Tattler
Type: Ranged
Attribute: Dexterity
Archetype: AGI Hero

Trickster, who is known to use tricks and lies to defeat his enemies, has no battle skills but his incredible hero skills can deal great physical damage.

So with that attribute, he’s a good lineup member for monster hunting events, hero stages, and Colosseum battles.

When upgraded to the highest level, he’ll give you a maximum energy boost of 3,000.

And there’s more…

Trickster will supply you an energy regeneration boost of 10%.

You can hunt more monsters and get more loots with that energy boost.

He’s almost always a part of every defensive formation in Colosseum.

Try removing him from the colo lineup and you may not get past the 500 rank.


Tattler knows everything!” – Tattler

Tattler spends most of his time at the bar, enthralling the ignorant with tall tales to cheat their money.

This was how he earned the nickname “Trickster“.

How to Get Trickster

You need to collect 10 medals by beating 2-6 on normal hero stages.

You can then continue collecting Trickster medals from the following Hero Stages:

  • Elite 2-6 – “Tattler the Trickser
  • Elite 6-6 – “Dreams and Lies

How to Upgrade

You need to collect 20 medals to make it green, 50 to blue, 100 to purple, and 150 to gold. That’s a total of 320 medals to upgrade this hero from White to Gold grade.

Refer to medal collection table below:

Medal Collection

White Green Blue Purple Gold
10 20 50 100 150

Battle Skills

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold
Psycho Blast*
105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Reasearch Boost
+1.5% +2.5% +5% +10% +25%
Max Energy Boost
+150 +300 +600 +1200 +3000
Energy Regeneration
+0.5% +1% +2% +4% +10%

*Deals X Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops.

Example: When hero is at Gold grade, it deals 200% Squad ATK.

Hero Skills

Skill Description
The Trickster moves like a shadow. Before you know it, he is gone. Increase DEX by X amount of points.
Increases DEX by XXX*
Mud Ball
Slings mud at the enemy dealing damage and inflicting Blind for 8s.
Deals XXX Physical DMG.
Tampered Arrow
Coats an arrow with a secret substance before firing and inflicting Disarmed for 5s.
Deals XXX Physical DMG. Disarmed enemies can’t use Physical Skills.
Liar’s Sermon
Bewilders the audience with tall tales from long range dealing damage to all enemies in a cone and inflicting Confuse for 5sec.
Deals XXX Physical DMG. Confuse enemies can’t regenerate MP

*XXX – a numerical value that is determined by your hero level, grade and trophies.

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