Lords Mobile Turf Club Review

IGG has just rolled out a new feature in Lords Mobile called “Turf Club”. For a monthly subscription of $9.99/month, you get +25% research speed boost, +25% construction speed boost, +25% player EXP boost, and one-click collection of admin quest and guild quest rewards.

Does it worth it? Does this mean I don’t need to use research and construction gears as well as talents settings?

What does the +25% boost exactly mean? Will it significantly decrease the time required for my research and construction tasks? Does this mean if I have a 10-day time research, the +25% boost will shorten it to 7.5 days? (25% of 10 days = 2.5, 10 days – 2.5 days = 7.5 days)

I’ll answer these newbie questions in this short review but let’s first have a quick look at the benefits offered. If you’re in a hurry, scroll down for the conclusion.


  • Research Speed +25% – this is just like having Trickster in gold grade (F2P) or Dark Follower in gold grade (P2P).
  • Construction Speed +25%
  • Player EXP Boost +25%
  • Auto-Completes Admin Quests and allows one-tap collection of rewards
  • Auto-Completes Guild Quests and allows one-tap collection of rewards

Subscription Info

  1. Your Google Play account will be charged $9.99 when you first subscribe, and also you’re your subscription is renewed every month.
  2. Your subscription will be renewed automatically when it is about to expire, unless you choose to cancel it.
  3. You can manage or cancel your subscriptions at Play Store => Subscriptions.

The “Turf Club” is added under “Special Benefits” and is found in your Turf Boosts window (where you find the Shield options).

turf club location

If turf club boost is inactive, you’ll see this:

turf club inactive

If you already purchased turf club boost, you’ll see this:

turf club active

From the first screenshot above, you might wonder why the button is a “Buy” button and not the “Subscribe” button.

That’s because I’m using Lords Mobile’s official Third-Party Payment .apk which can be downloaded here. This allows me a one-time purchase only and not be automatically renewed.

Before and After Comparison

Now, I purchased a one month turf club just for the sake this review. So instead of presenting you a long and winding post, I’ll just show you the before purchase and after purchase effect of Lords Mobile’s new turf club feature.

+25% Research Boost

intelligence report comparison

This is a level 9 intelligence report under Military. Total time reduction is 20 hours and 25 minutes.

+25% Construction Boost

intelligence report comparison

This is a level 20 castle wall upgrade. Total time reduction is only 1 hour and 31 minutes.

Auto Complete Admin and Guild Quests

From those above comparisons, you’ll now have a better idea on how the turf club enhances your Lords Mobile account.

But wait!

25% of 9 days is 2.25, right? So the total time reduction should be close to 2 days and the shortened time should be around 6 days and 15 hours (not 8 days and 19 hours).

Well, the computation doesn’t work that way. I could have been happily recommending this new feature to my guildmates if that’s how the computation works.

Here’s the bummer: the +25% boost is simply added to your overall turf stats.

Take a look at the before and after stats…

Research Stats



159.25% + 25% = 184.25%

Construction Stats



191.7% + 25% = 216.7%


So, what does the +25% boost exactly mean? Well, the 25% will just be added on top of your existing turf stats.

Depending on your castle level, you may or may not appreciate the boost. This new feature caters mainly to semi-P2P players.

If you’re still on the early stages of the game (below castle 21, level 50 and below VIP 10) the turf club can be a great administrative boost. If you’re a player with Castle 25, Level 60, and at VIP 13-15 you may not feel the boost.

At Castle 25, the construction boost is already useless once you maxxed out all buildings. Also, as one player says, “once you reach research that’s 30 days, 70 days, 100+ days, it’s like paying $10 a month for one research“.

For $10 a month, it may or may not worth it depending on how you play the game. If you are a serious player rushing to Castle 25, it may help a bit. If you play just for past time, there’s no need to spend that ten bucks.

You still need to set your research and construction talents. You still need to forge and wear your research and construction gears.

This feature would be great if only they add a 25% troop training speed boost.

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