How to Transfer Your Turf to Another Location in Lords Mobile

Moving your turf to another location near your guild’s hive or migrating to another Kingdom should be easy as eating peanuts.

However, for first time online gamers, this could be a little overwhelming as there are many things going on in the game.

I often encounter new players asking questions like “how do I transfer to your hive?“, “how can I get there?“, “how do I use the relocator?

Before everything else, make sure you have a relocator. More info about relocators below.

Relocator ready? Here’s a step by step guide:

1. Tap the lower left button to open Kingdom Map.

If you want to move to your guild’s hive, ask them for their coordinate using the guild chat. Click that coordinate.

2. Tap an empty tile.

3. Tap or click the “Transfer” button.

If yo don’t have relocator, you are prompted to buy one with 1,500 Gems!

4. Tap or click the “Use” button.

That’s it!

When you see a flying object with magical lights, you know you successfully transferred your turf to the new location.

How to Get Relocators?

You have a chance of getting free relocators when you finish certain turf quests, complete tasks in special events, participate in guild fests, and hunt monsters.

If you’re on a very active guild where you get lots of free gifts everyday, there’s a chance that you’ll get a relocator or two each week.

Your last option would be to purchase from the Guild Shop.

Where to Buy Relocators?

You can buy relocators from the Guild Shop or Gem Mall. One relocator costs 270,000 Guild Coins or 1,500 Gems.

How to buy? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Tap the Guild Icon found on the center bottom to open the Guild Shop or the Gem Mall

2. Click “Guild Shop” button.

3. Choose which game currency to use, Guild Coins or Gems.

To use Guild Coins, click the Coin icon

To use Gems, click the Gem icon

4. Tap the “Buy” button.

That’s it!

Note: If you are planning to buy using Gems, there’s no need to go the Gem Mall. Just click the Transfer button and you’ll be prompted to buy a relocator with 1,500 Gems.

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