How to Migrate or Transfer Your Turf to Another Kingdom in Lords Mobile

You want to migrate to another Kingdom because your friends are there. Or your guild require you to relocate into the hive. Sometimes you just want to explore and see what other Kingdoms are like.

If you are a player whose Castle is Level 6 and above, make sure you have Migration Scroll (MS) ready. See explanation below.

If you are a new or a starting player with Castle level 5 and below, use the 3 Novice Relocators that were provided to you when you just started the game (usually given at Castle 3.) More info below.

Step by Step Guide

Moving to another Kingdom should be easy to discover but I’ve seen lots of queries like “how do I migrate to your kingdom?” and other similar questions. These newbie questions are often ask by new online gamers so here’s a step by step guide.

1. Tap the lower left button to open Kingdom Map.

2. Tap the the Globe icon to open World Map.

3. Select the desired Kingdom.

Alternatively, use search icon and enter the Kingdom number then click “Go“.

Shortcut: If you are moving to your guild’s hive, ask for the exact coordinates from your guild mates.

4. Explore the Kingdom and tap an empty tile to move.

Note: The first thing you’ll see when viewing the destination Kingdom for the first time is the base.

You don’t want to put your turf directly into the Wonder/Base. Otherwise, you’ll get burned everyday draining you of troops and resources.

5. Select “Migrate”.

That’s it!

When you see an UFO-like object with magic lights flying into the destination tile, you know you’ve successfully moved your turf. 🙂

Migration Scroll Requirements

For Castle 6 and Above

If you are a player whose Castle is Level 6 and above, you are required to use a Migration Scroll (MS) for migration.

If you don’t have one, you can buy MS from the Guild Shop. You need 810,000 Guild Coins to purchase one (1) MS.

As of this writing, MS can’t be bought with Gems.

So if you don’t have Guild Coins, your other option is to buy migration scroll from the Mall or Game Store whenever the package called “Up and Away” is available.

Note: Free Guild Coins can be earned only by sending help to your guildmates (40K maximum per day), by opening guild gifts, doing guild fests, and participating in special events.

For Castle 5 and Below

If you are a new or a starting player with Castle level 5 and below, take advantage of the 3 Novice Relocators that were given to you at Castle 3.

Just make sure 7 days have not passed since you started the game. Otherwise, the free gift may have already been forfeited.

You should find the novice relocator in your bag under unique tab.

You can open your game bag by tapping the bag icon found on the lower right.

Common Migration Issues

The migration button “Migrate” is greyed out.

That simply means, you are not allowed to migrate to that kingdom yet. You might be attempting to move into a newer kingdom with migration still restricted.

Click the greyed out button and this is what you’ll see:

Read migration requirements below for other possible reasons.

Migration Requirements

  1. If the destination Kingdom is more than 90 days old, Migration is unrestricted.
  2. If the destination Kingdom is less than 90 days old but is still older than the player’s current Kingdom, the player can still migrate.
  3. Players can’t migrate if they have any Troops on an expedition (moving, scouting, occupying, gathering, reinforcing, in a coalition, etc.)
  4. Migration is not allowed during Kingdom vs. Kingdom.
  5. The amount of resources that can be brought along to the new Kingdom is determined by the size of the player’s vault. After migrating, excess resources will be lost.
  6. There is no Might restriction, but the number of Migration Scrolls required for players to migrate will depend on their projected Might Ranking in the destination Kingdom. See scroll requirement table here.

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