The Best Way to Spend Your First 1000 Gems in Lords Mobile

One of the most ask questions by Lords Mobile (LM) newbies is “how do I use gems properly?“. Some would express their regret for not doing it right from the start.

When I created my very first LM account I also made the mistake of using my first earned gems in speeding up construction and research tasks. It was my first time so I didn’t even know that those timers can be decreased by asking help from guildmates.

With that said, it’s important to join an active guild where members help build each other by constantly clicking the help button.

A noisy guild chat is fun but it could be useless if no one or only few people is clicking the help button.

So how do you use gems properly?

Use your first 1,000 Gems to upgrade your VIP level.

At the very least, rush your VIP level up to VIP 6.

But if possible, rush up to VIP 8 or even 9.


Here’s the perks for VIP 6

  1. Free Acceleration for 15 minutes
  2. 6 daily Braveheart uses
  3. 11 daily Elite Stage entries
  4. Auto Battle for Hero Stages
  5. Open 3 VIP Quests Chests
  6. Admin Quests increased to 7
  7. Guild Quests increased to 6
  8. Travel speed +5%
  9. Player EXP Boost +20%
  10. Food Production +6%
  11. Stone Production +6%
  12. Timber Production +6%
  13. Ore Production +6%
  14. Gold Production +6%

Let’s Compare

This is you at level 2.

Or let’s say you’re already at Level 3.

Take a quick look at this comparison.

Did you notice the big difference?

What I also like here is the auto battle for hero stages. I’m a lazy person so I want automatic actions.

Personally I will rush up to VIP 8 or even 9.

Why VIP 8?

Here’s the perks for VIP 8

  1. Free Acceleration for 21 minutes
  2. 8 daily Braveheart uses
  3. 17 daily Elite Stage entries
  4. Auto Complete Admin Quests
  5. Auto Complete Guild Quests
  6. Auto Battle for Hero Stages
  7. Open 3 VIP Quests Chests
  8. Admin Quests increased to 8
  9. Guild Quests increased to 7
  10. Travel speed +5%
  11. Player EXP Boost +38%
  12. Food Production +8%
  13. Stone Production +8%
  14. Timber Production +8%
  15. Ore Production +8%
  16. Gold Production +8%

Here’s what it means by auto complete (admin and guild quests): no more waiting for timer to run out before collecting your quest rewards.

With timer:

No Timer:

Cool, isn’t it?

Rushing, however, to VIP 8 at the very early stage of the game may mean you have to spend at least $5-$8 depending on available package at that game store.

You have to do this if you want to get more gems. Gems that you can use to buy VIP points.

You need at least 8,000 gems to rush to VIP 8.

Did you know? When you spend real cash for the first time you’ll get Rose Knight as a special bonus. Rose Knight is one of the most formidable heroes in Lords mobile.

Note: I don’t suggest spending money on games although it’s the fastest way to speed up your turf development. Your guild leader may nag you to do it but you should practice caution when spending hard earned money on things like this.

How about VIP 9? Open your VIP window (see instructions below) and discover it. 😉

So how do I use my gems to upgrade my VIP level?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Tap the VIP menu. This is located beside your hero icon.

2. Tap the “Get Points” button.

3. Choose how many VIP points you want to buy. For me I choose 1,000 points.

Conversion: 1,000 Gems = 1,000 VIP Points

4. Tap “Buy and Use” button then tap/click “Confirm“.

5. Instant level 5 my boy!

Now, you only need less than 600 points to get to VIP level 6.

How to Earn Free VIP Points

You can earn FREE VIP points by logging in daily to your game. Login in on consecutive days to earn more VIP points.

It starts by giving you 50 points on the first day, if you continue login in daily you will get more each day.

Max is 600 points daily. You miss one day and you start from 100 points again.

Free VIP points may be earned by participating in guild fests, special events, and monster hunting just to mention a few.

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